Marg Wolf is a musician who wanted to promote her latest music album online.  She knew that a website was the best way to promote her work but felt overwhelmed creating one herself with the low cost tools available such as and  She knew that it was well worth her time to hire us to do the strategizing and implementation using our experience as web designers, all while leveraging the powerful tools that provides to save time and costs.

We helped the client develop a site map, strategize and create content, and select an appropriate theme in the platform.  Working and making adjustments to the theme allowed us to stay on a tight budget and still deliver a site with a lot of interactivity for the client.  We updated the design of the theme to create a final website that fit the look and feel she was looking for.  The final website incorporates information about the album as well as an interactive music player where her fans can listen to and download .mp3’s of her music.