An Easy and Fast Way to Keep Your Audience Engaged During Fast Changing Times

April 23, 2020By Kelley NigroniDeSales University, Wyndetryst News, Wyndetryst Views

We know that businesses everywhere, small and large, are struggling with adapting to this “new normal” we have. But if there’s one thing we know, it’s that we need to continue to keep the momentum going. If not for us, then for our clients, our followers, our people.¬†Hands down the fastest way to communicate with … Read More

Get to Know Wyndetryst: #12 Pitch Decks

March 16, 2020By Kelley NigroniWyndetryst News

  We thought this week we would start by featuring something that could be super useful during this hectic and stressful time in our society. With most people having to work remotely from home, virtual communication with your co-workers and clients is highly¬†critical for the continued success of your company. A great way to do … Read More

Get to Know Wyndetryst: #9 Custom Photoshoots

March 3, 2020By Kelley NigroniWyndetryst News

Say cheese! It’s custom photoshoot time. Sometimes our clients come to us needing custom photoshoots whether it be employee headshots, workplace photos, meetings, working with clients, product photography, etc. We work with local photographers to make sure we get our clients the best possible photos we can! Take a look below to see some custom … Read More

Get to Know Wyndetryst: #6 Website Banner Ads

February 21, 2020By Kelley NigroniWyndetryst News

Next up…website banner ads! Website banner ads are such a great way to advertise your business in a quick and effective way. They usually tend to include an eye-catching¬†statement, a call-to-action phrase or button, and some type of engaging imagery. Since we’re dealing with web, the key is to get the idea across in a … Read More

Get to Know Wyndetryst: #5 Email Newsletters

February 17, 2020By Kelley NigroniWyndetryst News

Number 5 coming right up! This time around we’re featuring email newsletter design. Email blasts are a great way for companies to keep up with their people whether it be advertising, special campaigns, event invites or just a quick company update. It’s also a great way to see what kind of engagement you will receive … Read More