Meet Kristin Burnett, Junior Graphic Designer

We’re so glad you’re here to join us in welcoming our new junior graphic designer, Kristin Burnett! She brings fresh artistry and innovation to our design studio, and we are so excited to welcome her aboard. She’s already worked on tons of projects with us and has really excelled in bringing creative and engaging designs to our portfolio, check out some of her work below!

But first things first…we sat down with Kristin for a fun little Q&A session to get to know her better.

*Warning: it may spark the travel bug in you…proceed with caution*

Q+A Session with KB

  • If you could redesign any famous logo or brand identity, which one would it be and why?
    For a redesign of a famous logo/brand identity, I actually might choose some kind of large non-profit organization such as the SPCA or maybe even a government organization like the National Park Service. I feel like tackling a new logo and rebrand for either of those would be really exciting and meaningful and also a new challenge for me.

  • What’s your go-to source of inspiration when you hit a creative block or to get creatively energized?
    I definitely rely on platforms like Pinterest, Behance, etc to start digging for inspiration which can be great for getting the wheels turning. However, although this can be slightly inconvenient sometimes, finding inspiration in printed design books or even going for a walk and looking at your surroundings can also be great to get the creative juices flowing and can even help declutter the mind.

  • Do you have a favorite typeface or font that you find yourself using frequently in your designs?
    It’s hard to choose even a few favorite typefaces because of how many awesome ones there are to pick from, but some of my go-to’s that first come to mind are Inter or Brandon Grotesk. Some more unique typefaces I’ve had a lot of fun with in recent projects have also been Quincy and Rig Solid.

  • Do you have any favorite graphic designers or artists who have had a significant influence on your work?
    If design studios count, I’ve really been liking work from groups like Mucca and DigitalDesign.NYC. I’ve also gotten into some digital illustration the past few years and even more recently have really been enjoying typographic illustration and lettering, so some of my new favorites in that area are designers/illustrators like Lauren Hom and Tad Carpenter.

  • Do you have a hidden talent, skill or interest that not many people know about or would be surprised to learn about you?
    Most people learn this about me pretty quickly once they get to know me, so this might not be very “hidden”, but I have a strong interest in painting and was actually planning on pursuing it before I moved over to graphic design. It’s definitely something I still do on the side for fun, when there’s time, and it’s also helped me venture into other areas like digital painting and illustration which I’ve really enjoyed so far.

  • What’s the quirkiest item on your bucket list that you’re determined to check off someday?
    I’m not sure if either of these are considered super quirky, but two large ones on my bucket list are hopefully one day visiting Egypt and the second is seeing the Northern Lights!

  • Is there a favorite place that you’ve traveled and something fun to share about that place?
    I recently traveled to Iceland this summer which was most definitely my favorite trip so far. We ended up taking a small road trip around part of the country, with lots of hikes in between the drives. The whole visit felt surreal, and it seems like a bit of an understatement to say how awesome it was to see a whole landscape full of mountains and waterfalls in such a short period of time. Also, one fun/random thing I learned while in Iceland was that the amount of sheep largely outnumber the amount of people on the island, and that you’ll find them wandering and grazing almost anywhere during the warm season!

Some of Kristin’s Recent Work

DeSales University Orientation 2023 Booklet
DeSales University CareerFest 2023 Logo Design & T-Shirt Design
DeSales University CareerFest 2023 Tote Bag Design
ARTZ Philadelphia Custom Greeting Cards
ARTZ Philadelphia Custom Greeting Cards