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As October is nearing an end, we’re thinking back to September when we designed a full set of social media graphics for ASPIRA Women’s Health. And these weren’t just any ole social media posts..these were for a VERY important cause; creating imagery for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Ovarian cancer is a serious threat to women’s health and livelihood and we were happy to create some buzz around this important subject matter.

We designed a total of 17 square format posts (for Instagram and Facebook) and 17 rectangular format posts (for LinkedIn and Twitter). Each one containing a teal ribbon, which is the universal symbol for ovarian cancer, along with engaging imagery, custom illustrations, and expressive typography. Since this is such an important cause, we really didn’t want these posts to get lost in the shuffle of social media scrolling. We hope these posts and facts stick out to women everywhere and maybe even inspire someone to go get checked for ovarian cancer!

vermillion social
Instagram Posts
vermillion social
LinkedIn Post
Full Set of Posts

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