Social Post and Email Blast
Social Post and Email Blast

It’s August everybody! You know what that means?? No not beach days and fruity drinks (even though that does sound lovely), it means it’s Psoriasis Awareness Month!

One of our longest standing clients to date, XTRAC, is particularly excited about this because..well..they just so happen to treat this pesky autoimmune disease. And they do an amazing job at it. So we were more than happy to create a campaign surrounding this month. We started by designing two email blasts that highlight psoriasis and some key facts about how XTRAC can really work, accompanied by a Psoriasis Awareness Month sticker on each. We then designed four social media posts that broke apart the email blasts into smaller, more digestable chunks of info and content.

The final step of the campaign was to design four more email blasts that were targeted to doctors and offices so that they could download the set of blasts and graphics in order to send out and attract new or existing patients to get treated for psoriasis, or maybe even tell their friends and family about it. We hope that plenty of people were educated about this disease and this awareness month, we certainly were!

xtrac email blasts
Email Blasts
xtrac Social Media Posts
Social Media Posts
xtrac Email Blast
Email Blast
xtrac Email Blasts
Email Blasts



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