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When it comes to designing a brand from scratch, it’s so important to really get to know your client and what they are looking to achieve, what their vision is. For Weiskopf Building Contractors, they knew they wanted something clean, simple, and professional looking. The homes they create are so beautiful, we wanted to do them justice by giving them a great platform to show off their work!

We started by creating a logo, using iconography that resembles house framing, a sleek font, and earthy tones for their color palette. Next we worked on some supporting materials, such as a yard sign, a vehicle graphic, business cards, letterhead and t-shirt designs. Developing all these pieces helps them build their brand recognition, which is key in any competitive industry.

The final step was to create a website that is clean, easy to navigate, and showcases their amazing work. Take a look at the link below and see how their branding design turned out for yourself!

Visit the site at https://www.wbc-inc.net/

new clean website - professional branding design
Internal Page
new clean website - professional branding and website design
Internal Page
new weiskopf building contractors website design - professional branding design
Internal Page
weiskopf building contractors logo design on rubber stamp
Logo Design
weiskopf building contractors business cards and stationery design - business branding design
weiskopf building contractors yard sign - business branding design
Vehicle Graphic wrap - business branding design
Vehicle Graphic
weiskopf building contractors logo design on t-shirt - branding design
T-shirt Design

Are you in need of a brand design or refresh? Call or email Matt at 267-564-5221, matthewwolf@wyndetryst.com to get started.