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As the digital world becomes more and more advanced and important to our daily lives, it makes sense that the aesthetic of websites is also constantly evolving. This means that companies often desire their websites to be updated and re-designed in order to keep up and stay fresh and new!

So when ELECTRI International (one of our most long-standing clients) came to us with this goal in mind, we were ready and on board. We actually designed their original website about 5 years ago. But even well-designed sites only typically have a shelf life of 3-5 years before needing a good refresh. ELECTRI was so happy with our original design, that they naturally came back to work with us on the re-design.

ELECTRI International works to help electrical contractors meet today’s demands and tomorrow’s challenges by funding, conducting, coordinating and transforming research results into meaningful, useful educational and consulting programs and practical publications.

Over the past 5 years, their membership has grown immensely and they needed new tools to keep up with the growth. Not only did we revamp the entire look and feel, but we created an easy-to-use portal for downloading their reports, which is essential to their work. We also created new and engaging ways to recognize their donors.

This site features 100’s of pages, a highly customized interface, engaging photography, a bold color palette and an easy-to-use backend of the site so that their staff can make edits more efficiently.

We hope they love this new site, and we can’t wait to continue building our partnership with them!

Visit the site at https://electri.org/

ELECTRI website redesign by Wyndetryst
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modern website redesign
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interior page of ELECTRI modern website redesign
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ELECTRI modern website redesign
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