Something that we think every company and organization needs to have is a print piece explaining something very important…what they do! So when Boston Heart came to us with the idea of designing a brochure to give people an overall summary of what they do and how they do it, we thought it was great!

Boston Heart Diagnostics is transforming the treatment of cardiovascular disease and related diseases with novel diagnostics, reports, and a personalized, scientifically designed nutrition and lifestyle program that have the power to change the way healthcare providers and patients communicate about heart health.

This brochure touches upon all the important aspects of their work by being broken up into 3 main sections. It starts off with a general overview of their purpose, and then goes into the 3 stages of their process, which is characterize, individualize, and engage.

The design of this piece features custom icons, charts and graphics, lifestyle focused imagery, a bold color palette, and mock ups of their various reports.

We hope this brochure helps Boston Heart put their best foot forward!

Interior Spread
Interior Spread
Interior Spread
Interior Spread




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