test reference guide for boston heart diagnostics

Boston Heart Diagnostics is a healthcare company that is working to transform the treatment of cardiovascular disease and related diseases with novel diagnostics, reports, and a personalized, scientifically designed nutrition and lifestyle program that have the power to change the way healthcare providers and patients communicate about heart health.

Since their highly developed tests and lifestyle program are two of their main focuses, they wanted a detailed reference guide designed for people to refer to regarding these topics. All the tests in this guide correspond directly with all the tests that are on their newly designed website (by yours truly). The guide contains nearly 100 tests and a whole section talking about their lifestyle program.

The document is simple, clean, and easy to read through and understand, which was key for them. We’re excited to develop more print pieces for them and continue expanding their brand!

reference guide design interior with anatomy diagram
Interior Spread
reference guide design interior spread
Interior Spread
reference guide design interior pages
Interior Spread

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