Becoming the strategic design partner of a Philadelphia non-profit.

Helping ARTZ Philadelphia live up to its creative name.

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A Perfect Match

It’s hard to create joyful interactions around dementia. But that’s exactly the focus of ARTZ Philadelphia, a non-profit dedicated to enhancing the quality of life and well-being of people living with dementia and their care partners through the experience of arts and culture.

Since their inception they’ve been doing incredible work and changing the lives of their participants, yet that wasn’t being conveyed in their look, message or materials. They needed a strategic design partner who would listen to their Executive Director, as well as to staff, their board and constituents. It was important to ARTZ that this partner understand their needs in order to capture their charisma across all their marketing materials and help better reflect their organization’s amazing work.

According to Susan Shifrin, ARTZ Philadelphia’s Executive Director, “Wyndetryst was recommended to us and as soon as we started working with them we never looked back!”

ARTZ Philadelphia Folder and Sheets

The Challenge

Some of our most important focal points we kept in mind while strategizing...

  • Help ARTZ keep whimsy and playfulness in their brand while also delivering a level of sophistication to reflect the quality of their work
  • Design pieces to engage a vast and diverse audience: current and future donors; program participants (those living with dementia and their caregivers); current and future volunteers; the media and general public
  • Deliver a range of assets to carry them through the future while also respecting their budget
Susan Shifrin


“We now have a website that consistently receives rave reviews from our visitors, new and returning. Our marketing packet captures the essence of who we are, causing recipients to pause and immediately pore over it because of its graphic impact.”

— Susan Shifrin, Founder & Executive Director, ARTZ Philadelphia

What We Created

A cohesive look and feel across all touchpoints.

  • Brand new responsive website
  • Stationary set including business cards, envelopes and letterhead
  • New marketing materials including pocket folder, detail sheets and postcard
  • A 16-Page viewbook
  • Targeted fundraising campaigns including direct mail, custom envelopes and labels
  • Updates to their existing brand elements and a comprehensive brand style guide
  • Custom infographics
sales materials design - sales sheets, brochures designed by professional graphic designer
bright and colorful flyer graphic design

How We Did It

Some things that make this brand shine...

  • Bold, colorful, lively designs, with modern typography that also feels personal
  • A heavy focus on storytelling from people who reflected the audiences and could emotionally connect with them
  • Incorporated artwork created by program participants as a way to humanize the organization’s mission, and help tell the brand’s story in a visual manner
  • Created a highly functional range of materials to be stacked in different combinations, depending on audience
  • Built a style guide so the client could move forward with all the necessary design tools

The Results

More connection, more clarity and more funding.

  • 41% increase in donations in just three years
  • Increase in registrations of program participants
  • Greater ease of sign-up for events by participants and volunteers on the new website
  • More people reporting an understanding of what participants can expect from their programming
ARTZ Fundraising Materials
Susan Shifrin


“Wyndetryst has become an ongoing, reliable and ever-creative partner in telling our story and helping us to reshape that story as necessary as we grow and change.”

— Susan Shifrin, Founder & Executive Director, ARTZ Philadelphia

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