Designing a 64-page Career Planning Guide Book for Students

June 1, 2017By Kelley NigroniDeSales University, Higher Education, Print Design

We partnered with the Career Development Center to create a 64-page Career Planning Guide that is meant to assist students in their job searches, interviewing experiences, cover letter writing, networking approaches and application to grad schools. This guidebook is chock full of useful information, so we wanted the cover to be fun, colorful and eye-catching. We’ve heard … Read More

A Career Development Center’s New and Improved Social Media Account

May 30, 2017By Kelley NigroniDeSales University, Higher Education

We partnered with the Career Development Center at DeSales University to create a series of social media graphics for their Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts. We created graphics promoting all of their student events, as well as ‘weekly tips’ to help students through their job search/interviewing process. We also made some “Meet the Pack” posts where followers … Read More

NEOVA Springtime SmartSunscreens Sales Campaign

May 10, 2017By Kelley NigroniNEOVA

We worked with the internal marketing team at NEOVA to create a special SmartSunscreens promotional campaign that included a suite of printed and digital sales tools for the sales team including sell sheets, fax sheets, postcards and email blasts. In addition, we designed a digital marketing kit for their clients to use that includes email blast templates, social media graphics for Facebook and Instagram and counter cards to display at the point … Read More

Event Advertising to Encourage Student Participation at DeSales

May 7, 2017By Kelley NigroniDeSales University, Higher Education, Print Design

We partnered with the Career Development Center to create several posters promoting their various events, programs and networking opportunities to post around campus. Creating a consistent look and aesthetic for the CDC ensures student’s recognition of their brand. Seeing these posters around campus brought in more students than ever before! See more DeSales University work     Are … Read More

Another Academic Research Report Designed for Temple University

April 27, 2017By Kelley NigroniHigher Education, New Projects, Temple University

Over the past year, we’ve been partnering with the Institute of Business and Information Technology (IBIT) in the Fox School of Business at Temple University to design their academic research reports.  This latest issue was one of our favorites.  We provided a turn-key solution for the report, handling all the copyediting, creative direction, layout, design, … Read More

Is Packaging Redesign by Suave Just a Clever Publicity Stunt or Smart Design Thinking?

April 25, 2017By MattWyndetryst Views

Can package and branding change the perception customers have about a product?  Well Suave’s latest marketing campaign is out to prove just that.  Their bait-and-switch campaign is based  around a simple (and sparse) redesign of their packaging—renamed now as “EVAUS”—to make it look more high-end and sophisticated than their classic “for the masses” marketing.  The … Read More

Revamping NEOVA’s Social Media Advertising

April 20, 2017By Kelley NigroniNEOVA

When NEOVA came to us with a new challenge of updating their social media, we couldn’t have been more excited! This brand contains so much life and energy, that we wanted it to really reflect in their Instagram and Facebook accounts. We were able to do so through the use of vibrant colors, bold content, … Read More