Get to Know Wyndetryst: #5 Email Newsletters

February 17, 2020By Kelley NigroniWyndetryst News

Number 5 coming right up! This time around we’re featuring email newsletter design. Email blasts are a great way for companies to keep up with their people whether it be advertising, special campaigns, event invites or just a quick company update. It’s also a great way to see what kind of engagement you will receive … Read More

Client Success Story: Becoming the Strategic Design Partner for a Philadelphia Non-Profit

February 13, 2020By Matthew WolfClient Success Stories

Q: Tell us who you are and a little about ARTZ Philadelphia. A: My name is Susan Shifrin and I am the Founder and Executive Director of ARTZ Philadelphia. We’re a non-profit in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania that provides opportunities for self-expression and for the rebuilding of self-esteem and dignity to people living with dementia and those who care … Read More

Get to Know Wyndetryst: #3 Direct Mail

February 10, 2020By Kelley NigroniPrint Design, Wyndetryst News

Time to break up your regularly scheduled Monday with our new featured Wyndetryst design service…direct mail!! *hold for applause* As a small business, we know better than most just how important direct mail pieces can be. And how critical they can be for the success of your company. There’s nothing better than getting the word … Read More

Get to Know Wyndetryst: #2 Websites of all Sizes

February 6, 2020By Kelley NigroniProfessional Website, Semi-Custom Website, Startup Website, Website Design, Wyndetryst News

Time for our second featured service of 2020, website design! This includes websites of ALL sizes, because we don’t discriminate here at Wyndetryst. Whether you need a simple one pager, conversion landing page, a semi-custom site, or a full blown highly customized 100+ page professional site. We can do it all and we promise you’ll end up with … Read More

Do You Really Know Wyndetryst?

January 31, 2020By Kelley NigroniWyndetryst News

Many of our clients have been with us for years, in fact several have been with us since we started Wyndetryst in 2010. (Holy cow, how has it been 10 years?) One thing we’re constantly surprised by is that a lot of our clients, friends and colleagues aren’t aware of everything we do. Often people … Read More

Sales Brochures Re-vamped

December 6, 2019By Kelley NigroniPrint Design, Vermillion

We’ve been doing a lot of work recently for one of our favorite new clients — ASPiRA Labs. Another project we helped with were two tri-fold brochures for their sales reps to use in the field. They had tons of content and information that needed to be laid out and displayed in a clean, easy-to-read layout. … Read More

Promoting Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month!

October 29, 2019By Kelley NigroniVermillion

As October is nearing an end, we’re thinking back to September when we designed a full set of social media graphics for Vermillion. And these weren’t just any ole social media posts..these were for a VERY important cause; creating imagery for Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Ovarian cancer is a serious threat to women’s health and … Read More

How to Attract New Patients

September 6, 2019By Kelley NigroniPrint Design, Vermillion

Okay we’ve all been there…you’re sitting at the doctor’s office waiting to get called in, minutes seem like HOURS, how are we going to pass the time? How about reading up on how to potentially save you or your loved ones life? No we’re not just being dramatic, the work that ASPiRA Labs does in breast cancer … Read More