We’re trying to ignore the gloomy weather outside by focusing on what’s really important…magazine and case statement design! Well…it’s important to us anyway 🙂

We love a good, clean yet engaging layout design. It’s actually one of our specialities. We know the world is quickly moving in the direction of web and digital, but we’re on a mission to keep print design alive and thriving! Scrolling through a phone will never be as satisfying as physically turning a crisp, smooth, well-designed piece of print work in our opinion. So check out this case statement we designed for Arcadia University below, and give some thought into what print pieces you may have floating around in your head that need designing. And then give us a call!




Are you in need of a publication design? We’re here to help! Call or email Matt at 267-564-5221, matthewwolf@wyndetryst.com to get started.