Building Your Website in 5 Easy Steps

When partnering with us to design your website, you can expect a final website that fits perfectly into your growing or existing brand as well as a seamless and clear design and strategy process that includes:


1. Research and Discovery

We'll better understand your organization and recommend technical solutions to meet your needs.

2. User Experience Design

Through creation of wireframe designs, a sitemap (menu structure) and selection of interactive features, we'll organize your website content to help users navigate with minimal clicks.

3. Content Generation

We'll work closely with you to create new and/or edit existing content for your site. Our partnerships with copywriters and photographers help bring your site to life.

4. Design and Programming

We present and refine designs based on the wireframe design. Then we develop, style and implement them into a new or existing content management system (CMS).

5. Testing and Troubleshooting

Once the design is complete, we do thorough testing in modern web browsers, tablet & mobile devices to ensure everything will display correctly for users across multiple platforms.

What Type of Website Are You Looking For?

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Designed & Hosted with 

Perfect for small sites less than 20 pages
that need minimal updating and use limited interactive elements.

+ Small Business/Startup Websites 
+ Brochure Style Sites 
+ One Time Event Websites 
+ Small E-Commerce Sites 
+ Product/Service Launch Site 

 Designed in the Wordpress CMS + Independent Hosting 

Perfect for growing sites larger than 20 pages that need regular updating and have a large amount of content and user interaction.

+ Growing Business Websites
+ Large E-Commerce Websites 
+ Multi-Event Websites 
+ News/Blog Driven Sites 
+ Sites with High Interactivity 
+ Sites that Depend on SEO Traffic

 CMS Training and Website Maintenance

When a new or existing site is completed, the job isn't done there.  Many of our clients rely on us for ongoing training and maintenance packages that allow for a little or a lot of assistance in making site backups, security updates, content management updates as well as content and design updates. We'll create a training and/or maintenance package that will meet your needs, fit your budget and complement your in-house resources.

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